Jim Ratcliff

I have been a resident of South Florida for over 40 years, so as you can imagine, I have had the good, bad and ugly companies employed during that time, in all kinds of categories. I have to say that Ross Services met and exceeded all expectations for this rather large and somewhat expensive project. First, I did my research. This was the first time I used Angie’s List and it made me a believer. I found that Ross Services had been in business for quite some time and had no complaints, not with Angie’s list or the BBB. (other companies I checked out had some, and some had many).
The salesman arrived right on time. The price was competitive but a bit more than other quotes. The company tweaked the price enough to bring me around and though still not the cheapest quote I got, I just felt comfortable with the overall reports and response of the company.
The project started a bit late due to city permits, but when started, they continued until it was complete, including all cleanup and the agreed upon landscaping. The final payment was submitted when final inspection concluded. The job was BEAUTIFUL. Each crew (tear out, prep work, concrete work, clean up and sprinkler system) was more polite than the last. Real easy to work with. Explanations were available at each turn.
This is a GREAT company, in my opinion. You can’t go wrong with them.